I will be adding pictures in a more organized fashion in the future. But for now there are a few links that get to various picture albums. In addition there are some videos that might be of interest.

This is a link to a set of relatively current pictures that show off DuckAway and how fresh and remodeled it currently is. These pictures were taken basically in the spring or 2014.

Major renovations were made to DuckAway between the period February 2012 and August 2012, which included a good bit of construction and installation of a pool. This is a link to a number of pictures showing the before and after and the process.

For now, this is a link to a variety of pictures of DuckAway from various sources at about the time when we purchased the house in July 2011.

You might enjoy these videos of DuckAway. The first is an aerial view of DuckAway from a drone made in June 2014. (Unfortunately it is a bit shaky because the wind was blowing.) The second is a walk around the outside of DuckAway in June 2014. The third is a walk through the inside of DuckAway in June 2014.