Welcome to DuckAway

Below are the shortened procedures. Please click here to open a PDF with the more detailed set of procedures/instructions.

The house telephone number is 252-715-0126

Local and domestic long distance are free.

There is free Wifi with these settings:

Network name:  DUCKAWAY

Secure password key:  ———- (available at the house)

The TV has two inputs which you choose with the “input” button on the TV remote. (The volume for all inputs is controlled by the TV remote. If the sound doesn’t seem to work it might need to turned on – see detailed instructions.)

Cable TV: Choose the input “TV” and use the TV remote to choose channels.

Disk player: Choose the input “HDMI1” and use the DVD remote to control the player.

See the yellow “binder” on the kitchen countertop by the phone books for more information and more details.