DuckAway is the name of our oceanside house which is at 132 Poteskeet Drive which is a street off of the “downtown” of the small town of Duck, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We first viewed the house in May 2011, put down a contract very quickly, and purchased the house in July 2011. When we bought it the house was a bit of an eyesore but structurally in good shape and had fairly large rooms and lots of potential. Subsequently we have make major renovations to that house including a good bit of construction, landscaping and a pool. We also replaced the kitchen and most of two bathrooms and completely replaced all of the furnishings.

The next year in May 2012 we looked at an oceanfront house named “Sea Notes” on Sea Tern Drive in the Northern part of Duck. When we first walked up the stairs and into the great room and saw the incredible ocean view from Sea Notes we knew we wanted it and that it would be hard to resist. But it took a couple of months before we convinced ourselves that we could do it. The house had a few more rentals that year, but then we spent quite a few months during the winter and spring doing a good bit of work to the house and making quite a few improvements to the furnishings. That house is also a vacation rental through Sun Realty (it is #110-a and click here to get rental information) and you can visit its web site at http://www.seanotes.org.